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Cambridge Flying School will train you from the very start, providing world-class tuition, fantastic atmosphere and great experience.

We are both UK-CAA and EASA certified flight organisation.

We are both UK-CAA and EASA certified flight organisation.

We stand for excellence

At our centre, the instructors are 100% committed to providing the highest quality flight training. We guarantee a supportive and friendly environment with a motivating professional team.

The staff members are supported by a diverse fleet of impeccably maintained aircraft.


students each year


professional instructors


basic and advanced aircraft

1hr from London

Only 1 hour drive or train from London to find yourself at the airport

Modern fleet

Diverse fleet allowing to choose aircraft that suits your needs

World-class instructors

Best in-class instructors with unique experience in teaching

Unique atmosphere

Friendly atmosphere on the ground and in the air, with fantastic people around

Discover our courses

Zero to solo


Take our specially prepare package, where we train you to a level of flying solo in an aircraft. This might be great opportunity to start with aviation and fly the aircraft solely by yourself. We'll do our best to train to satisfactory level to go up to skies in no time!

Starting at

£ 3,600



International private flying licence that can carry all ratings to extend your flying (e.g. Instrument Rating, Twin Rating etc.), with the course including a minimum of 45 hours flying training. You’ll get proficient in some instrument flying and radio navigation in comparison to LAPL.

Starting at

£ 8,550



LAPL is a European recreational flying licence and requires only 30 hours of training, allowing you to faster fly on your own. It can carry Aerobatics and Night rating and limits you to 2000kg MTOW and 3 passengers, which is more than enough for beginning.

Starting at

£ 5,700

Night Rating


Don’t be limited by daylight and undertake a night rating with us. After 5 hours of training you’ll be fully qualified to fly at night, which will widen your capabilities as well as allow you to enjoy impressive night views from the air and don't be to daylight-only flights.

Starting at

£ 1,000

Tailwheel Conversion


Flying Tailwheel aircraft is more challenging and more enjoyable than nose wheel. It is a skill that needs to be taught by an expert so that if the landing gets out of shape, you learn from it but the aircraft does not get damaged.

Starting at

£ 900

Instrument Rating (R)


Undertaking this course will prepare you for both practical and theoretical test to gain IR(Restricted) rating. You’ll be trained to fly in bad weather as well as instrument flying, to extend your horizons and don’t get limited by weather conditions.

Starting at

£ 3,490

Fantastic place to dig deeper into aviation or start aviation career. Well-equipped aircraft and great atmosphere, makes Cambridge Flying School truly unique flight school!


London. UK

Great flight school that allowed me to kick-start my career and explore all the flight envelope of multiple aircraft. Proffesional instructors, affordable prices and fantastic food make lots of brilliant memories!


Peterborough, UK

Trial Flights

Wondering if flying is for you? Are you a pilot and want to try something new?
Take a look at our trial flights offer and experience the beauty of aviation yourself.

PPL/LAPL Trial Flight

20, 40 OR 60 MINS

Make your first step towards pilot career and take control of the aircraft yourself!


£ 100

Night Trial Flight

20, 40 OR 60 MINS

Experience flying at night and see a whole new game of lights and landscapes!


£ 120

Tailwheel Trial Flight

20, 40 OR 60 MINS

Try to become a bush pilot and fly a tailwheel classical aircraft


£ 80

Looking for Aerobatic or Commercial courses?

Visit our partner, British Aerobatic Academy, to learn about more advanced
courses offered by us and continue your aviation career!

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Cambridge Flying School is a part of British Aerobatic Academy family, located at Fowlmere Airfield and established more than 20 years ago. Over this time, we have gain fantastic reputation and trained thousands of pilots from all around the world.

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