Night Rating

Don't be limited by daylight and fly aircraft at night

Don’t be limited by daylight and undertake a night rating with us. After 5 hours of training you’ll be fully qualified to fly at night, which will widen your capabilities as well as allow you to enjoy impressive night views from the air.

We’ll train you in navigation, airport and emergency procedures making sure you’re fully qualified for your flying.


  • Get more proficient for flying in less visibility
  • Learn about human body reactions at night
  • Enjoy breathtaking views at night
  • Don't be limited by daylight
  • Take longer trips and land at night
  • Use it as backup
  • Fly for romantic sunsets
  • Easily fly at dusk/dawn










£ 1050

Plus £15 per sortie landing/touch & go fee. Additional £10/hour when training for EASA license
1 hour of ground school priced at £60, delivered via Zoom.

Time and hours


total flight time


take-offs & landings


dual instruction time


cross-country navigation

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Sign up for one of our Night training flights and control the aircraft
at night to see how you feel about it.

Aircraft we use

We use our recently renewed Cessna 152 and fantastic Piper PA28-181 which make the course really enjoyable for every student and ensure proper training for night-time conditions.

Course Syllabus

Ground Training
Night operations
Night visual circuits
Night navigation
Night emergencies

Safety training
Flying at night in a single engine aircraft poses greater risk than during daylight hours; consequently, the following factors are considered before operating at night:

i Risk of adverse weather, e.g. fog
ii Suitability of landing sites
iii Terrain
iv Pilot currency
v Radio failure procedures
vi Availability of alternate airfields

Before each flight a briefing takes place covering emergency procedures.
Covered Exercises
Exercise 20 Night Emergencies.
Action in the event of fire in the air and on the ground, engine cabin and electrical.
Systems failures as applicable to class.
Radio failure.
Failure of runway lighting.
Failure of aeroplane landing lights.
Failure of aeroplane internal lighting.
Failure of aeroplane navigation lights.
Total electrical failure.
Abandoned take-off.
Engine failure.
Obstructed runway procedure.

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